Influence Marketing

Influence Marketing: It’s a Tribal Thing


Watch Discovery Channel much?

There are always these programs where a cheetah (or another predator) stalks a lone baby elephant or gazelle at the back of the larger group. But if that herd turns around and works together, you’d better believe the cheetah will be running in the other direction.

What does this have to do with marketing? Simply that creating a group of like-minded individuals gives your marketing muscle, power and reach — just like that herd of elephants.

Marketing: It's a Tribal Thing

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about influence marketing — getting the attention of the people you want to reach by getting together with the people who influence them.

One of the ways you can do this on social media is by creating your own tribe. There are several tools to help you to do this, but one of the best known is Triberr.

Using Triberr to Extend Your Reach

I’ve got to admit to a love-hate-love relationship with Triberr. At the start, it was an easy way to connect with people blogging and tweeting about the same topics and to automatically share each other’s work. I loved it.

Then that same automation became a double-edged sword, especially when combined with humongous tribes where you didn’t know all the people. You could end up automatically sharing all kinds of stuff that wasn’t necessarily relevant to your readers. That’s when I fell out of love with Triberr and stopped using it for a while.

But a couple of months ago, a good blogging friend of mine Ileane Smith, invited me to a tribe. Given her online reputation, it made sense to take another look and I’m glad I did, because Triberr had changed. Here’s what it looks like today.

Triberr – Second Time Around

To use Triberr you sign in with Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The most important next step is to add your own blog feed — that’s how others will see the posts you want to share. You should also add your social networks, including multiple Twitter accounts plus a Facebook and LinkedIn account.

Within the profile settings, you can also add a bio, set guidelines for post descriptions and image display for the posts you will share, set posting frequency and decide how you will share posts (either by clicking or hovering over the share button).

With that, all you need is a tribe and you’re all set.

You have three options for tribes. You can browse the list of existing tribes and follow those that interest you. You will see posts from tribe members in your home stream and have the option to share those to your social media followers. Do this and you may get promoted to tribe membership. Another option is to be invited to a tribe, which you can then join.

Triberr stream

But the third option may be of even more interest to marketers — it’s to create (and become chief of) your own tribe.

Depending on your membership, you can create a set number of tribes of a certain size. That allows you to choose the people that you think would be assets to your tribe and to build your own group of social media influencers.

If you don’t already have people in mind, you can check out potential tribemates online. Use the search box or browse the home page by category to see who’s posting in your niche, and hover over their profile image to see stats on their Triberr sharing activity. Send out invitations and when people accept you are ready to make full use of Triberr.

What Happens in the Tribe

Once you have a tribe, when you log in, your home page shows the stream of blog posts being shared in your tribes, along with any on-site comments.

Within a tribe, you can have conversations, view member profiles and check out posting activity, deciding whether or not to share. You can click the actual link of the post to view it in a new window or click the Triberr link to see activity on the post.

Triberr bonfires

Triberr also has other features of interest to marketers. For example, you can chat with other Triberr members on a range of topics of interest via Bonfires, which are like a swanky kind of discussion forum.

And you can start or join influencer marketing campaigns, a feature which is new since my initial trial of Triberr. Marketers can use this feature to identify and work with brand ambassadors who are compensated for their work. Triberr has a good guide to how the process works.

Triberr Campaigns

To recap, Triberr is an excellent place to identify people who are blogging about the topics you’re interested in gaining traction for, to assess their influence and to connect with them either through social media sharing tribes or influencer campaigns.

For more advice on how to build tribes successfully, check out Pam Moore’s article titled Social Media Communities Create Markets: How to Build Loyal Tribes of Brand Evangelists and Paul Biedermann’s piece titled 12 Most Community Driven Ways to Build a Successful Digital Tribe.

Finally, if you’re looking for alternatives to Triberr that might add different features to the marketing mix, consider these three:

  • Appinions takes a scientific approach to influence marketing, identifying and leveraging key touchpoints on the customer journey.
  • Tribe Forward helps marketers create tribes and engage with customers through content marketing, social media and mobile marketing.
  • Influitive helps companies turn happy customers into brand advocates.

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