One Click Landing Pages

7 Best Services For One-Click Landing Pages That Convert

You know your landing pages are a crucial cog in the conversion funnel.

You’ve probably read a few articles on crafting a solid landing page and perhaps even performed some A/B testing on a page you made. You also might have been less than impressed with the results.

As I discussed in a previous article, when it comes to your specific website landing pages, the universal rules don’t amount to much. What works for your site may or may not work for anyone else’s, and furthermore, when something as simple as one word can double or halve conversions, it can impossible for you to identify whether you need more tweaking or a brand new concept.

As a copywriter, my biased opinion is that the best landing pages are made from scratch with your specific audience in mind. As a copywriter, I am also aware that this option is much more expensive than a ready-made page. When you have a fantastic copywriter, the investment is absolutely worth it. But if you don’t…

A few reasons to go with a one-click landing page are:

  1. Typically the cheapest option
  2. Nix the hassle of finding the right copywriter
  3. All you need to add is headlines and bullet points
  4. Skip the graphic design process
  5. Guaranteed to at least not suck

Well there you have it. If a one-click landing page sounds like it’s right for you, I’ve compiled a list of the best services out there to get you started.

landing page - placeitsource:

Elements I Considered

The primary criteria for making this list was quality. Would the landing pages provided actually convert?

Next, I considered price, features, and support. How much does it cost to get a handful of landing pages? What sort of feature set is included? And how easy is it to contact this company?

For services offering price points based on monthly visitors, I refused to consider anything below 5,000 monthly visitors because frankly, that is just ridiculous.

The Control: IM Creator

lp - imcreator

I always like to start out with a free option, because it provides a nice baseline to consider as we evaluate whether or not it’s worth it to shell out limited resources for a landing page service.

IM Creator will not give you an ideal landing page with no effort. It’s more of a 3-click option than a 1-click. It will, however, allow you to easily create an attractive, usable landing page at no monetary cost. For WordPress users with no coding background, it might be tricky trying to integrate signup forms into an HTML page, but for owners still building their system, this is a great option that won’t add another monthly bill to your expenses.

In this industry, free is ALWAYS free for a reason. That said, if the landing page service you’re evaluating isn’t going to provide much more value than IM Creator, you might want to reconsider if it’s worth the extra $50+ per month.

7. Lander

lp - lander

The first paid service on our list is Lander, the landing page provider that does everything well but nothing exceptional.

At a starting price point of $70 per month for 5,000 monthly views, Lander is neither a steal nor a rip-off. Their landing page templates are limited, but they are clean, modern, and aligned very well with conversion optimization principles.

Lander’s website is straightforward and easy to navigate. Their sale’s pitch is simple and makes you feel informed about the service being offered. From the moment you reach the Lander homepage, you are 2 clicks away from their contact form, which is located exactly where you’d expect it to be. Plus, two customer service reps are listed next to the contact form with phone numbers included in case your question is a bit more urgent.

Feature-wise, Lander is one of the few to offer A/B testing at every price point. Their pages are easily integrated with Paypal, social media, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and all the other entities you’d expect with a premium service.

This may sound like a mediocre review, but in a market where most players have at least one major deficiency, Lander stands out as being one of the most well-rounded services available. You won’t be overcharged. You won’t get a crappy landing page. And you won’t have to work your way through a maze in order to get your question answered.

Sounds good to me.

6. Landingi

lp - landingi

If you pay Landingi 6 months at a time, you can get 10,000 visitors per month for just $29.

Landingi offers a great selection of templates and unlimited A/B testing at each price point. It’s a solid option at a great price.

My two concerns with Landingi are the absence of live chat support and the presence of quite a few “premium” templates in their selection. Charging premium customers further for specific templates is extremely counter-intuitive to me.

That said, $29 per month for 10,000 visitors and a great selection of templates are enough to earn Landingi the #6 spot on our list.

5. Instapage

lp - instapages

Instapage also offers a starting price of $29, but for only 5,000 visitors.

Unlimited A/B testing is also included at this price point. Instapage benefits from an extremely simple, user-friendly interface. You won’t need a month to figure the software out.

Instapage has a very large, high-quality selection of templates. While there are some sleeker, flashier options available, you won’t go wrong with an Instapage landing page, and at $29 per month, you won’t find one for less. I’ve included it ahead of Landingi due to a bigger template selection and live chat availability.

On a negative note, Instapage restricts $29 price point users from integration with software suites like Salesforce and Infusionsoft, which is very interesting choice for feature segmentation in my opinion. Still, given the extensive template options and stellar support, Instapage is a fantastic option at a great price.

4. Wishpond

lp - wishpond

Wishpond is another service that does a lot of things well.

With a starting price of $45 per month, Wishpond is one of the few services that doesn’t put a cap based on visitors or other usage metrics. While they don’t offer A/B testing at this price point, it is offered at $65 a month, which makes it comparable to Lander. Wishpond’s landing pages are also slightly better quality than Lander’s, in my opinion, at least based on the templates displayed on their website.

One of my favorite features with Wishpond is the ability to create opt-in popups. I can’t say I love popups as a user, but marketing research has clearly demonstrated that opt-in popups are extremely effective at generating conversions. Purchasing opt-in forms from a popular service like OptinMonster will run you another $49 per month, so having that feature included is a huge value booster from Wishpond and a big reason they’re at number #4 on our list.

3. PageWiz

lp - pagewiz

PageWiz takes the price back down to $29 per month for 5,000 monthly visitors. This service includes unlimited A/B testing, the full slate of professional integrations, and an easy-to-use editor.

With an incredible starting price point, PageWiz takes the #3 spot for it’s unparalleled use of the modern, matte design concept. Whatever your personal take on this look, it is undeniably trending. No other landing page services I reviewed allow you to replicate this modern design type on your website, making PageWiz a one-of-a-kind provider.

To round things out, PageWiz is highly reviewed in the customer support department, and their website features live chat and easy-to-find contact info.

2. Unbounce

llp - unbounce

Unbounce is a well-known leader in landing page optimization. They offer a powerful platform for customizing proven templates or creating your own pages from scratch.

At $50 per month for a minimally featured package and 5,000 visitors, Unbounce is certainly not the cheapest initial offering. This basic package does include unlimited A/B testing and lead notifications, however, and if you want to upgrade, the next tier offers 25,000 visitors and the entire Unbounce feature set for $100.

In terms of testing capabilities, Unbounce is at an entirely different level as the only landing page service to also be included in our list of the 6 Best Testing Software Services for Small Business. It may take some time to fully maximize it’s capabilities, but you are getting a powerful piece of “equipment” when you go with Unbounce.

1. LeadPages

lp - leadpages

After some extensive analysis, I’m giving the top spot on this list to LeadPages.

Like Unbounce, LeadPages was created specifically with landing page conversions in mind. Unlike Unbounce, however, LeadPages doesn’t stop at the page itself. With high-value features like opt-in boxes and click-to-subscribe text links, a LeadPage subscription provides owners with a formidable set of tools to build email lists or convert traffic into buyers.

Furthermore, LeadPage price points have NO usage restraints. The starting price of $37 per month offers landing page templates and opt-in boxes with no additional features. The next tier at $67 per month offers the full slate of features, including access to affiliate networks and custom template uploads. In my estimation, the features offered at both these price points represent the best value on this list.

My primary concern with LeadPages is their ability to adequately support a fast-growing list of clients. I spent 15 minutes unsuccessfully searching for contact information, and the best I could find was a Google Plus community page with a LOT of unanswered user questions. Negative reviews of the company tend to bring up the support aspect as well, but this is to be expected of a company going through growing pains. We’ll see how they adjust.

Overall, any option on this list can be a good choice for your business. The only way you can lose is to pay for services you never use, so identify what your business needs and then pick the service that actually meets those needs.

Your turn

What are you using to create your landing pages? Let us know in the comments.


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