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7 Core Stages to Successful Lead Generation

At first glance, conversion optimization is about driving sales. But one of the most common goals for CROs isn’t sales. It’s lead generation.

And lead generation has its own unique challenges, particularly when you need to drive optins but aren’t sure who to target or how to motivate them to respond.

It helps to have a handy resource tucked away somewhere, something that you can refer to when you think you have exhausted every avenue. That’s just what the folks at Pareto have provided.

With a Trivial Pursuit-esque design, this interactive covers the 7 core stages of the lead generation process and shows you how to target decision makers through a number of different online platforms. It also shows you how to capture potential customers across different industries, locations and businesses.

While sales managers often look for activity from their team in terms of lead volume, the quality of those leads is just as important—that’s what this guide emphasizes. Each embedded article focuses in on a part of the lead generation process.

Here are some of the key points that you need to bear in mind:

  • Once you have identified a prospect, make sure that you have captured as much information about them as possible. There are a multitude of free ways to build up a clear picture of them and their buying habits.
  • Knowing your target industry inside out is just as important as knowing your contact at a particular company.
  • Analyzing market trends will allow you to approach your prospect at just the right time and increase your chances of closing that all-important deal.
  • While most contacts are made via digital channels, you shouldn’t neglect the more traditional form of communication. Often they can work hand-in-hand to increase the likelihood of you being top of mind.

The Complete Guide to Lead Generation (click to enlarge)


The 7 Core Stages of Lead Gen

Source Quality. Learn how to get the best ROI from your lead generation efforts.

Lead Volume. Discover how data and timing are essential to better lead management.

Decision Makers. Learn the best way to identify and build relationships with decision makers.

Business Targeting. Learn to categorize, target and talk to the right businesses.

Location Targeting. Find out how to turn your location into a benefit, not a limitation.

Industry Targeting. Discover how to expand beyond your established industries.

Social Media. Are you using these channels to their full potential? Find out how you can do more.

Some Tips for Better Lead Generation

The best time to generate leads from email is between 8 am and 3 pm. (

Going to “the top of the tree” isn’t always your best strategy. Prior research into a company’s structure always pays off.

Through social media, you can learn which companies are expanding, investing, or have new management structures.

Different industries have different key purchase times. Make sure you know when people are researching and buying in your industry.

Monitor social media and the press to gain insight into the lives of key influencers.

Learn more…

If you would like to see more tips like these, head over to the interactive page on Pareto where you can access all seven articles.

By the way, if you’re wondering who’s behind the design and development of the interactive check out check out Venn Digital a Manchester, UK based digital marketing agency.


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