Ideal Experience for Your Website

Bootstrap: Design the Ideal Experience for Your Website

Usability is a big part of conversion rate optimization, so it pays to get it right.

You’ve got to design pages that are easy to use and keep people engaged. Otherwise, how will you get them to browse your site and respond to offers?

The gold standard is this:

For that, Bootstrap may be a good resource.

Listed as one of the top open-source projects on the Web, Bootstrap is a shortcut for creating the front end of a website. It’s kind of a middle ground—one step above a premium theme, but not as expensive as hiring a developer to create a customized design.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open-source JavaScript framework developed by the team at Twitter.  It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, icons, forms, buttons, tables, layout grids, and navigation, along with custom-built JavaScript extensions.

Also referred to as a front-end-framework, Bootstrap is a free collection of tools for creating a websites and web applications.

Here are a few reasons that programmers enjoy using Bootstrap:

  1. Easy to get started
  2. Great grid system
  3. Base styling for most HTML elements
  4. Extensive list of components
  5. Bundled JavaScript plugins

This infographic, courtesy of Template, explains why Bootstrap is such a good idea for creating your ideal website.



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