Reverse Engineer a High-Converting Landing Page

How to Reverse Engineer a High-Converting Landing Page


Designing a landing page is hard.

And sometimes, the more you know, the more difficult it is.

You know all the elements that should be on a page, and you know what kind of results you ought to be getting. But where do you start? How do you go from a blank screen to a smart design that gets results?

How do you build a high-c­onvert­ing landing page from scratch? The answer is here…

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Enter the Conversion Scientist

Brian Massey, of ConversionSciences, not only does conversion rate optimization on client landing pages, he teaches you how to do it yourself.

I love the simple framework he’s developed: a handful of conversion “elements” that you need to include on every page, and one you need to avoid.

He even tells you how to start, so there’s no guesswork when you’re building a new page from scratch.

To summarize:

First, you need an offer and a form (or button).

Then you need to prove any promises you make in the offer and add trust elements to be sure people are comfortable clicking your button.

Finally, add design elements and remove anything that might drive visitors away.


And once the page is built, you can review your page with those samed six elements. Are your 5 conversion-boosting elements present, and have you removed as much “Argon” (aka, “Are Gone”) as possible?

Lucky for us, Brian was willing to share his system with the Crazy Egg audience. Last week, we had the webinar. Here’s the replay for anyone who missed it.


The replay: How to Reverse-Engineer a High-Converting Landing Page

Live reviews in the webinar, plus their approximate location in the video:

  • Jive – 22:52
  • Udemy Course – 28:06
  • Landingus Interruptus – 32:32
  • Product Page – 33:54
  • Business Porn – 44:55
  • Slow Load – 48:49
  • Jax Federal – 49:13
  • Final Few – 51:54

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